Friday, March 25, 2011

Are you SHEEPLE? Or are you REAL American Patriots???

I'm calling out to ALL patriots, survivalists, and everyone else who loves America. The time for talking is in the past, it's time to get our heads out of the sand.
I'm requesting everyone of you to seriously consider joining the Watchmen Of America (WOA). It's time for us to stand, united, and fight if we must to preserve and keep America free.
With the economy in the shape it's in, the natural disasters occurring, and yet another foreign war, what is going to be left for our children and grandchildren?
It is time to put our differences aside, stand together, united as on nation. A free sovereign nation. It's time to show those in power that "WE" the people ARE America and they are here to do OUR bidding. Not to be slave labor, over taxed, unemployed, or dependent on them for what is our rightfully ours to begin with. Time to show them we are a force to be reckoned with and they can not, now or ever, take our country, our rights, our beliefs, or our freedoms from us.
How much longer are people going to sit by and watch while our rights, freedoms, jobs, income, etc.... get taken away from us without just cause or so they can stuff their greedy pockets with our sweat and blood?
We have to be united as one, or there will be nothing left for the future generation.
You want to sit by and do nothing? You want to sit there with your hands out for scraps, or for permission to speak? If so, I wish you the best, but you will not get any help from those of us who have chosen to stand, unite, and fight for OUR country, OUR children, OUR rights as free sovereign Americans.
I ask ALL of those who read this to check out the Watchmen Of America link. Seriously think about it, talk with others about it, and join us in a common cause.
What have you got to loose by checking out WOA. Give WOA a chance to show you what we can do together as ONE NATION of free citizens.
This is NOT a joke. This is NOT a scam. WOA IS real and already has members, including myself, who have chosen to stand united and willing to do what is right to preserve America and keep it free for our children and grandchildren. What are you going to do?
Are you patriots? Are you Americans? Or are you sheep?
I do not know what others will say or think, but I also do not care for those who sit by and do nothing as our great nation gets slowly destroyed.
In the end, you are with us, Americans. Or you are against us, slaves and sheep to those in power who do not care about me, you, your children, or your family, only the greed, power, and the suffering they are causing us.
The choice is yours and I hope you do what is right and make the right choice.

MCSF is looking for a few good patriots in Northern Michigan


Michigan Constitutional Security Force(MCSF) is a Civil Preparedness Group. We are an affiliate and supporter of the Watchmen Of America.
We are American Citizens; men and women who have come together as a group united by our moral beliefs, and to live by and under the Constitutions of Michigan and the United States, and the Bill of Rights.
We are a group of people that have come together with the same mindset of being prepared for the worse-case scenarios that could fall upon us, whether it is man made disasters, natural disasters, civil unrest, or an economic collapse. Together as a group we stand a much better chance of survival.

For serious inquiries and/or a membership application, email:
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(for interested citizens outside of Northern